Practical Tips For Dealing With An NDIS Assessment

The assessment for the National Disability Insurance Scheme can be a stressful time for many people living with a disability in Australia. The idea of switching to a new scheme, with new benefits and new limits, is the last thing that many people want. The most stressful element is arguably the session with NDIS planner. This is where an assessor will determine the best possible options based on the goals, needs and limitations of the applicant. There are ways to make this easier and ensure a better result.

1) Conduct plenty of research on the subject

Thorough research means that you know precisely what is being offered or potentially taken away with the changes. It pays to take the time to fully read the guidelines and NDIS web pages on the official government site, but there are other resources with independent advice. If the official pages are too vague or confusing, find someone that will explain it in a way that is easy to understand. Campaigners like Every Australian Counts are on call to provide user-friendly advice. It also helps to look into user experiences and tips from those already on NDIS.

2) You can go even further with an independent advisor

There are people out there that will work with you one-on-one to help you understand the situation and find the best route for your personal needs. There may be some cost involved, if you can afford it, but this allows for professional, unbiased information that could help your financial situation in the long term. Alternatively there are other resources that may offer free advice. Again, do the research and take your time.

3) Prepare a file of information to take to your NDIS meeting

When you do go into that session with the NDIS planner, you need to be prepared for all the questions. This means up-to-date medical and financial information, as well as notes on your personal preferences and long-term goals. This is too much for anyone to remember off the top of their head, so compile everything into a file and take it with you. The stronger your plan, the better the outcome.

This may seem like a lot of hard work and effort at first, but all of this planning and research will pay off. The more prepared and informed you are about NDIS options, the better the case that you can make for a good deal.

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