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Join a team that values you

We understand that if we’re serious about our vision to transform the experience of disability support (and we are!), we need to employ great people and help them perform at their best.

No matter whether you work directly with our clients or behind-the-scenes at InLife HQ, you'll play an important part in making sure we deliver outstanding service.

Ready to join? Browse our current opportunities.

By the numbers

Your Say is our annual staff survey where we ask our team about their experience and how we can improve. Here's a snapshot of our latest results

93 %
team members agree they’re proud to work for InLife
96 %
team members agree people of all cultures and backgrounds are respected and valued at InLife
94 %
team members would recommend us as an employer to friends and colleagues

Great reasons to join our client service team

Inlife webicon Better
A better way of working

Our service coordinators build teams specifically for our clients’ needs. That means you’ll be working with the same clients on a regular basis, giving you the chance to establish meaningful relationships. We match you with people who are a good fit, so everyone gets the most out of it.

Coordinators are also a great support for you, not just our clients. They’re hands on, and often jump in to cover shifts. And because they know your team and clients well, they can help with questions, training or a friendly chat if you’ve had a tough day.

Inlife webicon Pay
Great pay and perks

Our casual pay rates increase depending on each client’s individual circumstances. We offer a simplified pay structure to make sure you’re better off overall than the SCHADS Award.

If you’re already working in the sector and would like to see how your current pay compares, get in touch to arrange a comparison calculation.

Inlife webicon Packaging
Access to salary packaging

We’re a not-for-profit organisation, which means you get access to salary packaging (say hello to more take-home pay). It lets you spend up to $15,900 of your pre-tax pay on a range of key expenses such as rent, mortgage, power and water bills. You can spend up to $2,650 on meals and entertainment too. Ka-ching! Read our guide to salary packaging.

Inlife webicon Training
Ongoing training

Our myLearning online training hub makes it easy to access training notes and videos, which we often do specifically for each client. We also offer tailored high-needs training as required, so you can learn about topics such as epilepsy management and PEG feeding.

Inlife webicon Career
Career opportunities

We’re big believers in promoting from within. It’s common for assistants to progress into an assistant coordinator role, where they learn management skills, and then become service coordinators and ultimately client service managers. This means we retain great people, and our assistants learn from the best.

Inlife webicon Community
A sense of community

Because we work in small teams, there’s a real sense of community at InLife. We use Workplace (it's just like Facebook) so you always know you're part of something bigger. Each team has a private Teamspace to make it easy to communicate with each other. And you’re always welcome to drop into one of our offices to say hello!

I love the way we build teams to suit each client’s personality, not just their health needs.

InLife Assistant