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Client Service


InLife Senior Client Service Manager Eileen Dicker Eileen Dicker Senior Client Service Manager
InLife Client Service Manager Daniella Gundry Daniella Gundry Client Service Manager
InLife Senior Coordinator Olivia Cowood Olivia Cowood Senior Coordinator
Coordinator bianca miletto 2 Bianca Mileto Client Service Manager
InLife Coordinator Carly Bickerton Carly Bickerton Senior Coordinator
IMG 0792headshot Caroline Georgiadis House Coordinator
InLife Coordinator Hollie Gundry Hollie Gundry Coordinator
Coordinator jenni koch 2 Jenni Koch Coordinator
InLife Coordinator Damon Perillo Damon Perillo Coordinator
InLife Coordinator Danielle Scida Danielle Scida Coordinator
Chelseayardleyheadshot Chelsea Yardley Coordinator
InLife Assistant Coordinator Sophie Arblaster Sophie Arblaster Coordinator
InLife Assistant Coordinator Melissa Doherty Melissa Doherty Assistant Coordinator
Assistant coordinator kasey roberts Kasey Roberts Assistant Coordinator
InLife Assistant Coordinator Mandy Scott Mandy Scott Assistant Coordinator
Assistant coordinator destiny ukwu Destiny Ukwu Coordinator
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Client Service


InLife Client Service Manager Marejka Knigge Marejka Knigge Client Service Manager
InLife Coordinator Ashlee Gough Ashlee Gough Senior Coordinator
InLife Coordinator Robyn Beavis Robyn Beavis Coordinator
InLife Coordinator Alexis Booth Alexis Booth Coordinator
InLife House Coordinator Mel Falzon Mel Falzon Coordinator
InLife Coordinator Ashlea O'Keefe Ashlea O'Keefe Coordinator
IMG 0595headshot Sylvia Parizek Assistant Coordinator
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Client Service

Regional Victoria

InLife Senior Client Service Manager Carrol Winfield Carrol Winfield Senior Client Service Manager
InLife Senior Coordinator Mandy Whitechurch Mandy Whitechurch Senior Coordinator
InLife Coordinator Tanya Culling Tanya Culling Coordinator
InLife Coordinator Beck Hopkins Beck Hopkins Coordinator
InLife Coordinator Jo Kiliva Jo Kiliva Coordinator
Katemahoney Kate Mahoney Coordinator
InLife Coordinator Leah Winfield Leah Winfield Senior Coordinator
Assistant coordinator karen clarke Karen Clarke Assistant Coordinator
InLife Assistant Coordinator Jade Giles Jade Giles Assistant Coordinator
IMG 0614headshot Tobie Taylor Assistant Coordinator
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InLife HQ

InLife Founder and CEO David Clarke David Clarke Founder and CEO
InLife Executive Client Service Manager Dianne Rhodes Dianne Rhodes Executive Client Service Manager
InLife Head of Continuous Improvement James Eadie James Eadie Head of Projects & Continuous Improvement
Head of transformation jo gladman2 Jo Gladman Head of Transformation and Technology
InLife Quality Research and Policy Manager Joanna Phipps Joanna Phipps Head of Quality, Research & Policy
InLife Head of Finance Ryan Power Ryan Power Head of Finance
InLife Head of People Development and HR Julie Todaro Julie Todaro Head of People Development & HR
IT Helpdesk Support Patrick Abou Faysal Patrick Abou-Faysal IT Helpdesk Support
InLife Quality Administrator Bernardo Bamberg Bernardo Bamberg Quality Administrator
In Life logo headshot coming soon Ally Brown Creative Client Planning Lead
InLife Operations Specialist Andy Carpenter Andy Carpenter Operations Specialist
InLife Operations Specialist Hanna Dajczer Hanna Dajczer Operations Specialist
InLife Quality Administrator Sara Freda Sara Freda Quality Assistant
It operations manager cara fu Cara Fu IT Operations Manager
Hr admin assistant mae godfrey Mae Godfrey HR Admin Assistant
Client funds officer tristan golding Tristan Golding Client Funds Officer
InLife Instructional Designer Derek Green Derek Green Instructional Designer
InLife Operations Specialist Genevieve Haberfield Genevieve Haberfield Operations Specialist
InLife Internal Communications Advisor Georgie Haberfield Georgie Haberfield Internal Communications Advisor
IMG 0598headshot Rith Heal Client Funds Accountant
InLife Senior Product Manager Harinda Induruwa Harinda Induruwa Senior Project Manager
InLife Client Funds Coordinator Diana Joveska Diana Joveska Senior Client Funds Officer
InLife Recruitment and HR Lead Nisha Kadam Nisha Kadam Recruitment & HR Lead
Project change manager caroline lawrie Caroline Lawrie Project Change Manager
Senior client fund office michelle moffat Michelle Moffat Senior Client Funds Officer
InLife Strategic Communications Advisor Cathy Morris Cathy Morris Strategic Communications Advisor
Business analyst shaun manuel Shaun Manuel Business Analyst
InLife Operations Specialist Camryn-Paige Kew Camryn-Paige Kew Operations Specialist
InLife Senior Project Manager Shar Nair Shar Nair Senior Project Manager
Janeheadshot Jane Robinson Nurse Educator
Inlife software developer nathan ruiz Nathan Ruiz Software Developer
InLife Learning and Development Manager Suni Sane Suni Sane Learning & Development Manager
InLife Software Engineer Harsh Shah Harsh Shah Software Engineer
Senior business analyst nicole stern Nicole Stern Senior Business Analyst
InLife Office Coordinator Megan Smith Megan Smith Office Coordinator
InLife Client Funds Coordinator Chelsea Tomkinson Chelsea Tomkinson Management Accountant
InLife Operations Specialist Briar Trueman Briar Trueman Operations Specialist
InLife People Development and HR Partner Allison Waldron Allison Waldron People Development & HR Partner
InLife Learning and Development Facilitator Andrea Wells Andrea Wells Learning & Development Facilitator
InLife Accountant Vera Yang Vera Yang Financial Accountant
InLife Senior Operations Specialist Jas Yen Jas Yen Senior Operations Specialist
InLife Instructional Designer and LMS Admin Lulu Lulu Instructional Designer & LMS Admin
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