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Tailored support for you

In shared living situations, it can sometimes be hard to get support that’s tailored just for you. But with InLife, we don’t have a way that things ‘should’ be done (for example, breakfast at 8 am). We do what’s best for you, without being compromised by house rules.

Think of our team as part of yours

We build a team around you, with your own service coordinator and the same regular assistants. But this doesn’t mean we work in isolation - we’ll work collaboratively with other providers and your family too, so you get the best of both worlds.

Our loyalty is to you

One of the reasons people choose InLife for SIL is because we don’t own your housing, so we never have a conflict of interest over what’s best for you - you’re in control. A parliamentary report found that when service delivery was provided by the tenancy group, there could be “significant negative impacts for participants, including reductions in service quality, increased risks of abuse and neglect; and reduced housing security.”

We make things easy with modern tech

We’re modernising the way things are done with Teamspace, our online space for each client team to communicate. It’s easy to see custom shift notes, bespoke training and for you and your family to see rostering.

Consistent team backed by experienced management

Every assistant that works with you is employed directly by InLife (no outsourcing), ensuring you always get support from people you know and like. And with more than 200 years of combined disability sector experience in our management team, you’re in good hands.

High-intensity support

No matter how complex or intensive your needs are, we can help. Our programs include complex bowel care, enteral feeding, urinary catheter management, ventilator management and subcutaneous injections.