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Better tech, better support

As technology evolves, we use it to help us provide the best support possible. Behind-the-scenes, we have a dedicated Information and Technology team.

This team is constantly updating and improving our systems to ensure we are ahead of the game and delivering the best possible solutions for clients and team members.

Communicating with Workplace

Now our assistants can say goodbye to unwieldy group texts and email chains, and a big hello to Workplace - a great way to communicate as a team.

If you’ve ever used Facebook, it’ll feel very familiar. Your team can easily record and check shift notes, ask questions and access key information.

Easy training with myLearning

myLearning is our one-stop-shop for our team members to access training, with modules designed for each client.

Clients can even choose to have videos created specifically about them - no more explaining the same thing over and over! And it’s all accessible on mobile, so it’s there whenever assistants need it.