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What our clients are saying about InLife

InLife CEO David Clarke shares our 2024 client survey results.

Our annual client survey is incredibly important. With it, we measure if we're delivering a quality disability service for our clients, and how we can continue to improve.

This year we had a record number of respondents, and 84% agreed they would recommend us to family and friends. Pretty happy with that!

44% of clients responded, well above typical survey response rates of around 30%. We made sure everyone could choose to complete the survey how they wanted, whether by phone, online survey or in-person interview, and all recorded responses were anonymous.

We're really proud that 94% said they feel comfortable speaking up when they're unhappy about something.

“I used to not be able to speak up, but now I am,” one person said. “I'm always happy to voice my opinions,” another responded.

At InLife, we take pride in building support worker teams our clients can love and trust. And check this out: 95% said they get along with the team who support them.

“We have a good variety of personalities (in our team). Everyone's a bit different and they all bring something unique to our home environment,” one person said.

And when it comes to supporting clients with their goals, 86% said InLife tailors supports to their individual needs.

Here's a couple of quotes I really love:

  • “The journey so far with InLife is absolutely incredible. I've achieved a lot with InLife compared to the last provider ... Very positive experience. I'm absolutely happy with everything.”
  • “I've got a good relationship with all the people I speak with at InLife. I feel like it's really easy if I've got any issues.”

Another point of interest was the higher than average feedback from our clients living in shared homes and their families. Among them, 93% said they would recommend our service, 93% said they feel comfortable speaking up and 100% said they get along with their team.

Of course we don't always get it right, so we're always working to improve and try to keep our standards high.

Areas that have been marked for improvement following the survey include standardising and better communicating our emergency evacuation procedures and improving our after-hours service.

Most importantly, people feel comfortable speaking up if they're unhappy about something. That's the best way to stay true to our goal of being the best possible service we can be.

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David Clarke is the founder and CEO of InLife.