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picture of Jen Kat

Jen Kat

She/They Quality Administrator

InLife HQ

Jen is Canadian but has lived in Australia for almost a decade. She had an unconventional career path to disability having worked as a chef for 20 years and then in education support. However, she was always aware of the challenges that people with disability faced when accessing support as her Mum had cerebral palsy. Jen joined InLife as a support worker before moving into the Quality team. She’s glad to be part of a team that respects the agency of people with disability and actively seeks client input.

In her free time, Jen plays defence in an amateur women’s AFL team. Her teammates call her "DangerKat" because she loves to tackle. She also enjoys a good word puzzle and cooking at home. Her little Maltese Cross named Ollie, also benefits as he often gets mini pooch-friendly versions of the dishes!