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picture of Mae Godfrey

Mae Godfrey

HR Admin Assistant

InLife HQ

Branching out from horticulture, Mae is now a budding HR professional after completing further study. She’s previously provided disability support for with kids with autism and mentored young people with barriers to employment in horticulture. Having previously worked for a social enterprise, she enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. InLife’s tailored support is what drew her to apply for the role.

At home, Mae’s balcony garden is flourishing. She’s got the fastest guns in the west - she plays a gunslinging cowboy in tabletop fantasy role-playing board game Dungeons & Dragons. Back in the real world, Mae enjoys painting and bouldering and has a cat, Minka, and a dog, Kenji. In early 2023, she graduated with a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources.