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Before you apply for your NDIS Worker Screening Check, please take a moment to read through our quick start guide. We've prepared it based on the most common questions we've received.

Overview of the process

  • Apply for your NDIS Worker Screening Check through Service Victoria. You'll need to nominate InLife Independent Living as your employer during the process so your record is linked to us (if you use the paper form, our employer ID is 4-4331-593).
  • Follow-up with Service Victoria if you haven’t had a response within 2 weeks.
  • Receive your email notification that your check is approved and upload this to Employment Hero.

Before you start, you'll need

  • A smartphone, for the online photo ID check
  • Original ID documents - see Service Victoria's list of acceptable documents. Please note, if you plan to use an Australian Birth Certificate issued before 1986 you'll need to apply for a new copy (the system doesn't accept the old logo).
  • Someone tech-savvy to help, if you need it

How to do a Service Victoria online ID check

We strongly encourage you to watch this 4-minute video by Service Victoria that has handy advice about how to take photos of your ID documents so the system will accept them.

Common issues with smartphones

We’ve had a number of assistants report technical issues when applying using their smartphone. We recommend using the latest operating system.

  • For Apple devices, use the Safari browser
  • For Android devices, use the Chrome browser

Need to use the paper form?

You can download it here (trust us it’s much slower - if it’s at all possible, use the online system). Your reimbursement for the application fee could also take weeks because Service Victoria only notify us once they've processed your application.