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A learning revolution for support workers

Introducing a new way of training on-the-job for disability support workers

InLife support workers can access client-specific training at their fingertips with the introduction of a new mobile training system.

Simply by scanning a QR code at someone’s home with their phone, a worker can instantly access key information, such as a short video, directly related to a client’s care.

The topics can be diverse as how to charge a powered wheelchair or position a client in a chair, to more medical-related procedures such as Stoma-care.

While the aim is not to replace face-to-face training or shadow shifts where new workers learn from a more experienced colleague, it can offer a quick refresher on-the-job.

InLife CEO David Clarke said the myLearning system was being officially launched on September 19 and had already been taken up by several clients with complex clinical needs.

“We believe this is an industry-first,” he said.

“Being able to scan a QR code at someone’s home can give you an instant reminder about how to complete an important task, particularly if you haven't worked with that client for a while or if it is someone new,” he said.

“With a casual workforce it can be difficult getting everyone together for training but now our support workers can access client-specific information instantly via the app on their phone.”

The myLearning app also includes mandatory training courses related to specific client care.

And there are a range of optional courses for support workers wishing to upskill. These courses can range from behavioural support to complex clinical training such as PEG feeding or STOMA care with certificates on completion.

“At the end of the day, it’s about providing our client with the best possible quality care and that means ensuring all our support workers have regular and up-to-date training,” David said.

“It also reflects a commitment to providing opportunities for support workers to upskill and grow their experiences and career.”

The myLearning system is part of the new communications and training platform Teamspace being rolled out across InLife.

Another part of Teamspace is Workplace by Meta which enables support workers to communicate with their team members, update and see shifts, access training and see announcements.