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Introducing Workplace to disability support workers

The launch of a new communication platform is helping InLife team members make new connections and share resources.

Communication is key when it comes to feeling connected to your job and other team members.

At InLife, we’re rolling out a new communication and training platform called Teamspace to help bring everyone together.

This includes the introduction of Workplace which we are launching to all our support workers following a successful 12-month trial in Geelong.

Developed by Meta, Workplace feels similar to Facebook to use and allows team members to connect quickly and easily via mobile app.

InLife Executive Client Service Manager Dianne Rhodes said it was exciting to roll-out the app to the whole organisation following “a very positive experience” with the trial.

She said support workers in the sector often worked one-on-one with a client and might not have contact with other team members, but the app helped bring them together.

In Workplace, each client has a group on the platform, with all their support workers added. Support workers can record and check past shift notes, ask questions and access key information and training.

There is also an emphasis on security and privacy with only team members directly working with a client having access to their group.

“I feel like it has (Workplace) really supported teams to feel like they’re connected to each other,” Dianne said.

“They can add and read notes from their team so their information is completely up-to-date.”

Workplace has also enabled the client’s professional team to share resources and practical information, such as how to position a client correctly in a chair or a regular exercise program.

“People are also using it for celebrating success and achievements on shift, which is fantastic,” Dianne said.

“People are sharing when clients are making progress towards their goals, posting a picture of a meal they have cooked, pictures or videos of somewhere they have gone or something they have produced on the shift.”

For example, a support worker recently shared a video of an accessible cafe she had visited with a client to her team.

Dianne said the ability to share videos and photos rather than just written notes was also a positive.

“It really brings to life the great things people are doing on shift,” Dianne said.

InLife support workers are currently logging-on and learning about Teamspace as part of a training roadshow in the lead-up to its official InLife launch on September 19.