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Supporting independence through home technology

InLife is providing onsite support to new apartments where technology is changing the way support workers do their job.

It’s no secret that home technology is already impacting the way we live but the potential benefits for people with disability can be life-changing.

From automatic doors to accessible intercoms for someone who can’t hear, seemingly small things can make a huge difference.

For InLife staff, integrated home technology is already changing how they support clients, particularly at a new apartment building in Williamstown.

Set in a new complex with water views from the rooftop, the Empress includes 10 Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) apartments run by Summer Housing.

InLife is providing a concierge-style service with onsite support at the touch of a button or through an app.

Every apartment is fitted out with a home automation system which is also controlled by the app. Residents can use the system to contact or speak to staff through a speaker attached to the ceiling.

InLife Client Service Manager Daniella Gundry said staff in turn could access separate apartment amenities virtually.

For example, if someone has just got into bed, but forgotten to turn the lights off, the client can request a staff member to turn them off for them through their ipad, she said.

“The set-up is great as someone can be super independent, but have someone in the background for safety or support if needed,” Daniella said.

And the location and set-up of the apartments and building which is spacious with plenty of room to navigate wheelchairs is helping people settle in and feel at home.

Apartment resident Neil Armstrong moved into the development from an aged-care facility in November last year.

Neil said he was enjoying being back in Williamstown, an area where he grew up.

“I lost the use of my left arm (after a stroke) so they wouldn’t let me live by myself,” he said.

“When this (apartment) came up I jumped at the opportunity.”

For more information about Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) at the Empress in Williamstown, go to

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