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The ‘perfect’ holiday

Lynne found heading on holidays with a known support worker made all the difference.

Planning a much-needed holiday can be heaps of fun but the process can sometimes be more complicated if you have a disability.

For InLife client Lynne Foreman, taking one of her regular support workers on holiday with her for the first time helped everything run smoothly.

She recently returned from a week away with her husband Alex and support worker Sylvia at a holiday resort in Mildura.

A wheelchair-user with a rare disability called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita which affects the joints, Lynne has hired casual support workers at her destination on past trips.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever taken a support worker with me on holidays - it was the best thing,” she said.

Having someone who knew her, made life easier.

“She did all the things she’d do for me normally, like personal care,” Lynne said.

“(But) We did things I probably wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for a support worker - I like the pool and we were in there every day.”

“She (Sylvia) Googled everything to see what was around and I was able to go to places we’d never been.”

For Lynne, taking a support worker with her was a new experience but with the help of her InLife Coordinator Ask O’Keefe she found the process easy.

“I rang up InLife as I didn’t know how it worked and she got it all organised for me,” she said.

“I had never thought to ask anyone - It was perfect.”

Ash said that InLife was always happy to work with clients on organising support from their team for holidays.

“It can be a big deal and it says a lot about the relationship that a support worker has built up with a client if they choose to ask them to support them on a trip,” she said.

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