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Pastry chef Neil McKenzie has relied on InLife for all his support needs since having a stroke.

InLife also set up a new team for him when he and his family moved from the city to the country.

“With InLife it's about creating possibilities for other people and they created a possibility for us to be able to move centrally and come up the country.

“It's the support to your family and to yourself and knowing that things will get done and knowing that you’re safe and you can move forward and do day-to-day stuff and get to all your appointments.

“I never thought I’d be coming out and having someone with me all day but I’m lucky I did because the support has been unbelievable.”

For Neil, a key part of his rehabilitation is doing things he enjoys, such as baking cookies.

“The cookies bring me joy – being a chef has to come from the heart.

“I’ve been doing the online Zoom baking classes, I just love teaching people about cooking.

“It’s about having fun and making sure they feel included.”